Lower Extremity Wounds Surgical Correction

Life happens and a part of life is getting hurt sometimes. When you’ve been wounded, it’s important that you take the absolute best care to avoid infection and that you talk with your doctor about treating your wounds. If you suffer a wound to your lower extremities, there are different forms of treatment that your podiatrist may recommend for you.

Treating Your Lower Extremity Wounds

When you visit your podiatrist with a lower extremity wound, there’s a team that approaches each wound to formulate a plan to best avoid infection and move toward healing. It’s important to work with your podiatrist and see them as soon as possible to avoid further injury and get your wound closed up as soon as possible.

One form of treatment offered is UltraMist therapy, which is an advanced form of wound care which removes infectious material and debris from your wound. This helps increase blood flow to the area of the wound, which promotes healing and prevents further damage.

Depending on the severity of your wound, surgical treatments may be available to help close up your wound. Depending on your overall health and any other medical conditions that you may be dealing with, you may be eligible for traditional open surgical procedures or minimally invasive surgical procedures that are available in-office. Minimally invasive surgical procedures offer a quicker recovery time, as well as less postoperative pain to deal with. Your podiatrist and their team will work with you to determine what form of treatment will work best and how severe your wound issues are.

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Don’t let a wound go untreated! It’s important that you reach out to your podiatrist for information on how to treat lower extremity wounds and avoid infection or injury. Contact your podiatrist at Arizona Foot & Ankle Specialists, LLC, in Goodyear, AZ, today at (623) 935-5780 to learn more about wound care and the types of treatments offered.