Newest Diagnostic Technologies Diabetic Foot Care Program

Throughout the years, podiatry technology has developed immensely, making it easier to care for your feet, no matter what issues you may be dealing with. At Arizona Foot & Ankle Specialists, technology such as the newest digital radiograph/x-ray technology, diagnostic ultrasound, and fluoroscopy are offered to help evaluate and treat multiple types of foot and ankle conditions. Along with this, there’s an entire program dedicated to diabetic foot care, which is to help keep your feet as healthy as possible and avoid drastic measures such as amputation.

Caring for Diabetic Feet

When it comes to having diabetes, a large part of caring for your body is diabetic foot care. Diabetic foot care is an extremely important step to keeping your quality of life high and making sure that you stay and feel healthy for years to come. Keeping proper foot care methods will help protect your feet and minimize any problems that may arise in the future.

Your podiatrist will use the latest technology to examine your neurological status, as well check the vascular status of your feet and ankles. From there, they’ll be able to set up a maintenance program that best fits your needs and your lifestyle. This may include being set up with proper foot gear and customized insoles. This will help reduce the pressure put on your feet and can help prevent corns, calluses, or cuts from occurring on your feet. The diabetic foot care program is designed to work around you and to reduce the risk of things such as amputation or further disease.

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