Swift Technology for Wart Removal Fall Risk Preventative Program

Warts can be a frustrating thing to deal with and can cause you pain and irritation. There are many ways your podiatrist can treat warts, and one that has proved successful is Swift wart treatment. Swift is a cutting-edge technology that’s extremely effective for the removal of warts and helps treat the underlying human papilloma virus and helps stop the risk of warts reoccurring in the future.

Swift Technology for Wart Removal

Swift is a device that delivers a low dose of microwave energy through a probe that helps to target and treat the underlying human papilloma virus and help to stimulate a natural immune response in your body. This helps to address the cause and not just the symptoms. With this form of treatment, your risk of reoccurring warts is minimized and helps to fully eradicate the virus from your body.

You should expect to have three to four treatment sessions, about a month apart. Each session takes five to ten minutes and there is no downtime needed after appointments. You’ll be able to enjoy your normal life immediately after treatment is finished.

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As we age, it becomes more common to be prone to falling. However, as we age, falling becomes more severe and more dangerous. It’s important to take advantage of the fall risk preventative program that your podiatrist has to offer. Not only will you minimize your risk of falling and getting severely hurt, but you may be able to improve your gait and strengthen your feet over time.

Fall Risk Preventative Program

When it comes to taking care of elderly patients, it’s important to understand that there are steps that should be taken in order to reduce the risk of falling. A big step in preventing falls is making sure that you have the appropriate footwear that will help keep you secure in your steps and prevent you from being seriously hurt.

Your podiatrist will work with you to determine the best lifestyle changes that you may need to make in order to keep you safe from injury. Some of these changes may include wearing shoes that properly attach to the foot, shoes that have proper grips, and shoes that don’t have a large heel.

Protect Yourself from Falling Today

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